What is Boys Love and How Can You Use it to Delight Your Girlfriend?

If you have ever dated a woman who was a large part of any television or novel fanbase, you may have heard of the term boys love at some point or another. It can be a confusing concept for people who are not involved in fan-related topics, but the basic gist of boys love is the idea of two men falling in love with each other in a very romantic sort of way. If you are easily disturbed by the idea of men loving men then you might not want to fall in love with a girl who enjoys boys love because it is something that she would adore to share with you. But if you have an open mind and the ability to do a little roleplaying and acting and discussing, then you might be interested in learning about how you can use boys love to delight your girlfriend and make her fall all the harder for you.

Man on Man Action

Roleplay Boys Love With Her
Roleplay Boys Love With Her
As stated before, boys love is the idea of man on man action in a fictional setting. A lot of girls who are avidly part of fandoms have a tendency to love homosexual couples and will even read characters that would usually be seen as completely straight as homosexual in order to facilitate this love. What you need to be able to do is come to terms with the fact that your girlfriend enjoys things like this and then take a hard look at the source material. If you can talk about the couples that she likes and give opinions on their relationship, she will love the fact that you are trying so hard to fit in with her interests.

Girls Are Just Like Guys

Just like men love to see two women making out, women also enjoy the idea of two men in a relationship as well. If you are putting forth the double standard that you can enjoy lesbians while she is not allowed to enjoy gay men then you might be putting yourself in an easy position to get dumped. But if you can realize that the two ideas are very much the same then you might be able to get her talking to you about lesbians in the same way that you would talk to her about her homosexual couples, which can really work out well for you too.

You Don’t Have to Be Gay

Even if your girlfriend enjoys the idea of two men being in love, that does not mean that she wants you to be gay or even to kiss any men for her. What she is looking for is someone who will understand the things that she likes and talk to her about them. You do not have to change your way of life in order to please her. All you have to do is look at the relationships she is interested in and then talk to her about them. Even if you do not really see what she is seeing, it will do you a lot of good to just talk about the relationships and tell her that you support her thinking about and doing the things that she loves.

Roleplaying Goes a Long Way

If you can come to terms with the idea, you might find that your girlfriend would greatly enjoying roleplaying a boys love romance with you, either through written word or just in bed. While this might mean pretending that your girlfriend is a male character, you would still be doing everything with her and she would love you for playing along with her strange kinks. It does not take much and you do not even have to imagine that she has any male parts. All you need to do is play along and it will make her so happy that she might just be willing to play along with something you want to try out sometime.

Enjoy it With Her

Enjoy Some Man On Man Action With your Girlfriend
Enjoy Some Man On Man Action With your Girlfriend
The most important thing about using your girlfriend’s love of boys love to connect with her is that all she wants is for you to accept her. If you can enjoy the things she enjoys with her, though, it will make her much happier. This is what you should be aiming for when you engage in chatting about boys love with your girlfriend. It is all about making her happy to have someone to talk to about her hobbies and interests and has nothing to do with what you think on the matter.

Keeping Your Computer Safe: Steps Everyone Should Take

Defending your computer from threats against it and those who misuse their ability to create viruses and worms used to be as simple as not opening email from addresses which you didn’t recognize. Unfortunately, in the last two decades, keeping your computer safe has become much more complicated. Whether you’re hearing about massive corporations having their databases hacked and stolen or you’re just dealing with a stubborn virus you got from a webpage, it can be an almost constant concern. If you’re worried about keeping your computer a pristine sanctuary for your data, untouched by life-disrupting security or virus problems, then you should be following several steps to make sure you’re protected. These are simple habits which everyone should develop.

Never Disable Your Computer’s Firewall

Your computer’s firewall is the first and most important line of defense between you and the scary world of the open Internet. Its job is to basically be the policeman who oversees all of the traffic that enters and leaves your computer over the network, and it uses a set of rules to block or accept those connections. A firewall prevents someone from making an unauthorized connection to your machine through which they could hijack your operating system. If you’re using Windows, you’re probably familiar with this as Windows Firewall. Under no circumstances should you disable it while you are connected to the Internet, as this makes you a large and vulnerable target. There are even good quality third-party firewalls available for download that will get you an added layer of security and an additional sense of peace about the integrity of your system.

Good Antivirus Software is Not Just Optional

Protect Your Computer
Protect Your Computer
If you’ve been dealing with the antivirus software that came preinstalled on your machine and simply think it’s “good enough,” you need to take a more proactive stance towards antivirus protection. Viruses and computer worms are changing all the time, and hackers are constantly on the hunt for new ways to break into your computer and enter your files to steal personal information. You should do some research online to discover which antivirus software will suit your needs the best. There are plenty of programs which are available completely for free that will provide more than adequate protection. Once you’ve gotten your antivirus software installed, be sure that you schedule regular full system scans in order to maintain your security, and be vigilant about keeping the definitions file updated so it knows what to look for.

Don’t Open Strange or Suspicious Files

Avoid Suspicious Files
Avoid Suspicious Files
This is one of the oldest rules for keeping your computer safe, and it’s just as relevant today as it was in the early days of computers and the Internet. Avoid using sites that host illegal downloads of movies, music, or software, as these files are often packaged with malware, spyware, or Trojan horse viruses which can really ruin your day and your computer. If an email lands in your inbox from a friend with an attachment that you weren’t expecting, you should probably contact your acquaintance and ask them if it’s safe to open first. If a website automatically makes your browser download an executable file, you should delete it immediately. Do not ever run executable files you don’t trust, and especially not if they aren’t official installers for some software. You could be about to launch a virus willingly. Practice good judgment and common sense when it comes to what you open on your computer.

Always Connect to the Internet Securely

While it can certainly be tempting to connect to the Internet over an open wireless network, this isn’t always the best idea. By connecting to the network, you are allowing the network router some level of access to your machine. A malicious computer user could potentially set up an open network as a “honeypot” to attract unsuspecting users who are just looking for a quick and free way to connect to the Internet. This user could then hijack your machine or install a virus onto it over the network, and there’s no way you would be able to disconnect yourself in time. Always be sure to only connect to the Internet via connections that you can trust, and only use open networks if they are freely provided for you, such as at a restaurant or other establishment. Additionally, always ensure you have your entire security package set up before using public Internet. This means ensuring your firewall and antivirus software is running and up to date. With a little bit of attention, you’ll be able to keep yourself safe and secure. Go Here To Learn how to Securely Use The Web.

Tips for Staying Slim in a Restaurant Job Environment

When you work in a restaurant it can be hard to eat healthy. Unless you happen to work at a health food-centered eatery then you’re probably tempted by things like burgers, burritos, fried foods, and meats of every variety while you serve people, bus tables, or cook the food you’re salivating over. Because of this you might put on a few extra pounds by going the simple route and eating your job’s food for your meals and snacks. If you want to keep your waist small and still have a nice meal at work then you might want to follow the following advice.

Bring Your Own Lunch

Bring Your Own Lunch To Work
Bring Your Own Lunch To Work
Working in a fast food restaurant or diner or even a normal sit-in place means that you have quick access to your jobs menu and probably an employee discount. You might even get to eat the free sent back orders or a burger that’s been under the heat lamp too long. Instead of going with this option you should bring in your own lunch. That way you can control your own personal menu and not just get to pick from the fattening or greasy foods people leave out or send back. Your waistline will definitely thank you later.

Pick From the Healthier Options

Even McDonald’s has a salad. They might not be the healthiest salads ever with very fattening dressings and chicken but they’re still salads. What you need to do is go over your job’s menu and select the dishes that you know aren’t going to bloat you and make you add on five or ten pounds. Since most restaurants are paring down their meals and including low calorie or fat free options those would then be your best bets. Ask whoever would know what the calorie counts are for most of the food on the menu and pick the smallest numbers.

Only Eat on Your Scheduled Break

You probably are someone who grabs a handful of fries during a slow period and stuffs them in your mouth as fast as you can before someone sees. Maybe you like to order a side and eat it quickly in the back when there’s a rush going on and you need the extra energy. Refrain from doing this and instead eat only during your scheduled off time. You cut out extra food this way and it’s important to eat one meal with something wholesome in it so that you aren’t having energy crashes throughout the day.

Count Your Calories

Staying Slim And Working In A Restaurant Is Possible
Staying Slim And Working In A Restaurant Is Possible
If all else fails then you need to start counting the calories that you consume and cutting yourself off at a certain limit. If you feel like 600 calories is all you should consume at work then either bring a meal for yourself at that amount or only eat foods there that will total up to that amount. This way you know exactly what you’re getting and when to stop. If you are so inclined, get other people at work involved so you have buddies to eat with who you know will let you know when to stop. You can make it a challenge to stay in as great as shape as possible.

How to Rid Your Computer of Troublesome Malware

Keeping your computer in good working order is a priority that just about everybody shares. After all, it is the central hub for a lot of your life: entertainment, communication, and even employment for some individuals. You might even want to think of it like your own body. When you’re feeling good, you can get a lot done. However, when you get sick, you start to feel worn down and it’s much harder for you to accomplish the same things you want to. This is how it works with computers as well. Even though we all try to keep malware off of our machines, sometimes it slips through and infects our computers. Then they don’t work so well! What can you do?

Just like you would go to a doctor for some medicine in real life, you need to find out the right kind of medicine that your computer needs. It’s important for you to get things sorted out and fixed as quickly as possible. You don’t want the malware to do any lasting damage to your PC, after all! Below, we’ll give you a quick rundown on everything that needs to be done in order to cure your PC of what ails it. Let’s take a look.

Start By Running an Anti-Malware Program

Running An Anti-Malware Program Is The First Step
Running An Anti-Malware Program Is The First Step
First things first: you’re going to want to turn to one of the most trusted anti-malware programs out there on the market to get the job done. Don’t run your antivirus first. You don’t want to do that. Instead, break out your anti-malware utility, such as Malware Bytes Anti-Malware. That kind of heavy duty software can only get be installed even when a hostile program is trying to block it, but it should remove just about everything that you could have possibly infected yourself with. Just set it up to do a deep scan and step away to let it run. With some luck, by the time you’re back, everything will be fixed up again.

Then Bust Out Your Antivirus Software Too

Now that your malware program has finished running, you’re going to want to make sure that there weren’t any residual nasty programs left behind by the malware. Sometimes one infection can lead to several others, such as a bunch of viruses getting into your computer. It’s safer now for you to go ahead and run your antivirus software. Make sure that you set it up to do a deep scan as well. You don’t want to miss anything that could be lurking. After all, your files are important and you need to keep them safe.

Don’t Forget to Try a System Restore

If you find that you are still having some problems are doing both of those things, then you’re going to want to start breaking out the more heavy duty guns. If you’re running a Windows machine, why not try running a system restore? This will revert your computer back to a state before you got the infection. More often than not, it can actually heal a lot of damage that has been done to your system by malware. This is a pretty big step, so only commit to doing this if you are really having some issues.

Reformat and Reinstall If You Have To

In the absolute worst case scenarios, you’re not going to be able to fix the problem with any of the above three remedies. That can be really disheartening, and you might be afraid of what comes next. Unfortunately, it means that you are probably going to have to reformat your entire hard drive, and then reinstall your operating system. It’s not going to be easy, and in fact, you might get pretty annoyed at having to do it. However, it will definitely nuke the malware on your system for good. You don’t want to have to live with a nasty virus or ad program living on your computer.

Money Saving Tips on College Applications

Everyone knows that college is a costly affair. You could probably ask a six year old how much they think college costs and they’d offer up an outrageous number that could be tragically accurate. And the trouble with paying for college that it starts before you even get accepted anywhere. It starts with the application process, averaging $38 per application (or higher, depending on the school). With most students applying to up to seven different institutions at a time, the costs have burned a hole in their wallets before a major can be declared. Fortunately, there are ways to save while applying to college, and here are some of those tips.

Early Admission Applications

Thinking About College
Thinking About College?
When you already know what your number one “Please Universe Let This Be The One With An Acceptance Letter” school is, try applying for early admission. If the universe is indeed on your side and you’re accepted, you won’t have to send in expensive applications to the other six schools that you only kind of wouldn’t mind going to. This will also save you a world of stress, and it could improve any applications that you still send out to other schools.

Ask About Fee Waivers

College Applications Don't Need To Be Expensive
College Applications Don’t Need To Be Expensive
Take the initiative and call up an admissions counselor at the school you’re applying to. The worst case scenario is that they’ll say “No,” and then you can move on with your life. There’s a life lesson to be had here as well: Never be afraid to ask questions. You can also ask your school counselor about it, and if you have a great working relationship with them, they could reach out to the schools on your behalf.

Take a Campus Tour

Here’s another life lesson that will extend beyond college: showing up in person and displaying your earnest and genuine interest in something speaks volumes. Taking a campus tour is always a good idea, since it lets you get a firsthand feeling for whether or not the college is a good fit for you. It also has the added bonus of letting that school know that your interest in them is serious, and that could make them more willing to send you an application fee waiver. Make sure you talk to other students at that school or admissions counselors to find out about opportunities to go on tours.

Include Your Test Scores on Your Transcripts

Most colleges require you to submit official SAT and/or ACT scores straight from the testing source, which only helps pile on fees on the applicant. There are a few ways to avoid that additional cost. Firstly, try asking your high school to put those test scores right on your transcript. Many colleges will accept that as an official record. Second, find out if the testing service will waive the fee for you. Generally this will only happen if you’re in financial straights, but it never hurts to ask.

Apply to Colleges with Free Online Applications

Fortunately, not every college out there charges its potential students to apply, and these ones are good to check out while searching for schools. But even if your top school doesn’t have free online applications, there’s still a chance that they can waive your application fees if you apply online. Why would that be the case? It saves the school from having to hire someone to physically enter the application information.

Use the Common Application

Lots of colleges make use of the common application (or the Common App, as it’s called), which is great for students since it allows them to fill out one application form and send it out to all of their prospective colleges. This saves on time to be sure, but unfortunately it might not necessarily save money, since there is still a one-time application fee for every school applied to. Some colleges do still offer a free pass just by using the Common App, so make sure to ask the admission counselors.