Can an Indie Office Environment Become Too Quirky?

Having an independent small business can be a great way to get things done without conforming to old traditions. If you have an indie company, chances are that you’re trying to establish that same quirky feel in your office environment. This is part of what makes indie companies so great, and it can really be a cornerstone of your company. You might think that the quirky environment is something that your company cannot live without. It may start bleeding into every aspect of your company and affect all the decisions that you make. While we understand that the quirky feel of indie company’s is part of what makes them so special, we have to ask – does the quirky environment within an indie company sometimes go too far? You might find yourself offended by the very idea, but you need to think about this carefully so that your business or company can truly succeed. If you have an indie company and you’re worried that this may describe your environment, don’t fret. We’re here to tell you all about everything you need to know.

What Do We Mean by Quirky?

Going Too Far Will Start To Affect Productivity
Going Too Far Will Start To Affect Productivity
When we say quirky, you might find yourself scratching your head and wondering exactly what we mean by that. If you own an indie company, you might fall under the category of being a little bit quirky and off the wall. We’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with this, but it may start to affect various aspects of the company. If you go out of your way to make sure that your office has shag carpet in order to replicate a retro feel, you may be the owner of a quirky office. Now, we’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with this, but the fact is that sometimes this can go too far and start to affect productivity.

Are You Able to Get Any Work Done?

One thing you need to ask yourself about your quirky work environment is if anyone is able to get any work done. If you’re all too busy relaxing and enjoying the ball pit instead of working, chances are that your environment is a little too quirky to be sustainable. The ball pit may be a good idea, but it may not be something that your company really needs in order to succeed. You need to keep this in mind when you are running an indie company. It may be tempting to fall into the quirky loop, but often times it is not going to be a good idea for you to go too far. There’s a limit everything, and you don’t want to be the one that crosses it.

Are Your Employees Too Relaxed?

It’s important to have employees that are relaxed and comfortable so that they can have enough energy to get work done. However, your employees can actually start to get too relaxed if you’re not careful. If you make it possible for them to hop off to the break room at any time and partake in a chocolate fountain, chances are that they’re getting a little too relaxed. You really need to be careful about this, even though we’re sure you paid a lot for that chocolate fountain. Keep on top of things so that people don’t get too relaxed when they’re supposed to be working. It just won’t foster a good work environment.

How to Write a Good Job Posting

Having a vacancy in your company is something no one ever likes to deal with. Whether it’s a low level employee or a high level manager, a vacancy means taking time you could be using to work and instead spending it on crafting an ad and searching for a candidate. Working to find the best person to fill the position is like a job all on its own. However, if you know what you’re doing, you can make the whole process a lot less painful and frustrating. All you need to do is start with a good job posting, and all of the other pieces will fall into place on their own.

Write An Attractive And Fun Job Posting
Write An Attractive And Fun Job Posting
Don’t just think you can slap together any old posting and get by with it. If you write a garbage ad, then you are going to get garbage applicants. Write a great ad, though, and you could find the candidate that’s just right for the job and your company. Below, you’ll get a crash course in how to write the most effective job ads possible. Take it to heart and memorize this process, and you won’t sweat it anymore when it’s time to search for a new employee.

Give As Much Info About the Job as Possible

The biggest problem that most job ads suffer from is the fact that they are very sparse on real details for the job. You should strive to be different than that. When you sit down to craft your job posting, take care to put in as much info as you can about the job in general. List the starting pay, the duties a person can be expected to be perform, and the kind of hours and availability you are looking for. This gives possible applicants everything they need to know about your business to decide if they want to apply. The quality of your applicants should go way up once you start writing ads with this strategy in mind.

Make Yourself Readily Available for Contact

Another big problem that befalls many employers trying to post their jobs online is that they don’t make themselves available enough. Don’t rely on the email relay system built into websites like Craigslist. Instead, go out of your way to make yourself seem very available to people who want the job. Include a purpose built email address or even your own phone number. This lets people know that the ad you’re writing is actually legit. It also makes it much easier to get in touch with all potential applicants.

Never Use a Template For Your Ad

When you have a lot of different ads to put up for a variety of openings, you might not want to take the time to write out all of those ads. In your efforts to speed up the ad creation process, you might start using a template to make your ads. That way, you just fill in the right information and then post it. Don’t do that! This makes your ads look fake, or like spam. People won’t even respond to your listings if they all look the same. They’ll think you aren’t reputable at all! Take the time to hand craft your ads, despite the time it takes.

Post Your Ad Far and Wide on the Web

Now that you’ve built up the best job posting you can, it’s time to post it in as many different places as possible. Don’t just stick your ad up on Craigslist and call it a day. You’ll want to hit up other sites like Monster and Career Builder as well. That will ensure that all of the most qualified applicants will see your ad. If you want the most replies to your listing as you can get, this is the way you’re going to do it. Get it posted up, and then sit back and wait for the replies to start rolling in for your opening!