Tips for Staying Slim in a Restaurant Job Environment

When you work in a restaurant it can be hard to eat healthy. Unless you happen to work at a health food-centered eatery then you’re probably tempted by things like burgers, burritos, fried foods, and meats of every variety while you serve people, bus tables, or cook the food you’re salivating over. Because of this you might put on a few extra pounds by going the simple route and eating your job’s food for your meals and snacks. If you want to keep your waist small and still have a nice meal at work then you might want to follow the following advice.

Bring Your Own Lunch

Bring Your Own Lunch To Work
Bring Your Own Lunch To Work
Working in a fast food restaurant or diner or even a normal sit-in place means that you have quick access to your jobs menu and probably an employee discount. You might even get to eat the free sent back orders or a burger that’s been under the heat lamp too long. Instead of going with this option you should bring in your own lunch. That way you can control your own personal menu and not just get to pick from the fattening or greasy foods people leave out or send back. Your waistline will definitely thank you later.

Pick From the Healthier Options

Even McDonald’s has a salad. They might not be the healthiest salads ever with very fattening dressings and chicken but they’re still salads. What you need to do is go over your job’s menu and select the dishes that you know aren’t going to bloat you and make you add on five or ten pounds. Since most restaurants are paring down their meals and including low calorie or fat free options those would then be your best bets. Ask whoever would know what the calorie counts are for most of the food on the menu and pick the smallest numbers.

Only Eat on Your Scheduled Break

You probably are someone who grabs a handful of fries during a slow period and stuffs them in your mouth as fast as you can before someone sees. Maybe you like to order a side and eat it quickly in the back when there’s a rush going on and you need the extra energy. Refrain from doing this and instead eat only during your scheduled off time. You cut out extra food this way and it’s important to eat one meal with something wholesome in it so that you aren’t having energy crashes throughout the day.

Count Your Calories

Staying Slim And Working In A Restaurant Is Possible
Staying Slim And Working In A Restaurant Is Possible
If all else fails then you need to start counting the calories that you consume and cutting yourself off at a certain limit. If you feel like 600 calories is all you should consume at work then either bring a meal for yourself at that amount or only eat foods there that will total up to that amount. This way you know exactly what you’re getting and when to stop. If you are so inclined, get other people at work involved so you have buddies to eat with who you know will let you know when to stop. You can make it a challenge to stay in as great as shape as possible.