Rhythm Games You Might Not Have Heard Of

Most of us have rocked out on Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Others have danced their hearts out to Just Dance or Dance Central. The rest of us pretended to be DJs playing DJ Hero. Music games have been out forever, but they are a very niche genre. Here are some of the best rhythm games that you have never heard of.


Jubeat Is One Of The Best Rhythm Games
Jubeat Is One Of The Best Rhythm Games
Jubeat is a rhythm game developed by Bemani. The game features 16 buttons in a 4×4 grid. Think of this game like a Whack-A-Mole type game, only timing and rhythm are much more important. You must hit one of the 16 buttons right when the animation on the button reaches its apex. The better timing you have, the better the score you will get. It has a number of different songs from previous Bemani games, as well as a host of popular J-Pop/J-Rock songs.


On Word: Osu!
On Word: Osu!
Osu! is a rhythm game made by Dean “Peppy” Herbert. It is a freeware game for the PC. Osu! is a combination of several games including Elite Beat Agents, Beatmania, and DJMax. It should be said that Osu! is not a combination of those games, but includes them, meaning that you can play games that are similar to the ones mentioned above as long as you have the beatmap downloaded. Users get the chance to create their own “beatmaps” to any song of their choosing, ranging from Techno, J-Pop, Dubstep, and popular songs in the current radio top 10.

Gitaroo Man

Gitaroo Man is a rhythm game developed by Koei, and iNiS for the Playstation 2. Gameplay revolves around the character U-1, where you face off against various opponents. There are four different phases when facing off against them: Charge, Attack, Guard, Harmony, and End. During the Charge and Attack phase, you must follow a trace line with the analogue stick, either restoring your health or attacking the opponent, depending on which phase. During the Guard phase, you must hit the corresponding button(s) to avoid taking damage. The harmony and end phases are essentially the same thing as the attack and guard phases, following the trace line. At the end of each stage you are given a ranking to let you know how good your performance was throughout the duration of the battle.

Rhythm Heaven

Rhythm Heaven is a rhythm game that was developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS. In this game you hold the DS vertically. You use the stylus and essentially tap, flick or rub the screen throughout the various mini-games. Sometimes you play ping pong, shoot down aliens, or refuel robots, just to name a few of the games. Instead of giving you a score or ranking, you are based on your performance by Just OK, OK, or Superb. You must hit one of those rankings in order to move on to the next game. If you are able to get a Superb ranking, randomly you will be able to get a perfect attempt on that game. You only get three attempts to get it perfect, or you will have to wait for your shot at it again. With over 50 levels, and various things to unlock like various music toys, endless modes and even guitar lessons, this game has more than enough to keep you occupied for hours.