5 Signs a Guy Is Secretly into You

1-hookupsIt’s somewhat difficult to navigate the dating and hookup scene when you’re a woman. First of all, you have to worry about all the guys approaching you that you have next to no interest in actually dating. It’s difficult to let guys down easily, and it can become a huge pain to do so. However, it’s often just as difficult to be able to tell when a guy YOU’RE interested in is actually interested in you, as well. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell when guys are into you, period, whether you want them to be or not. With guys flirting with you all the time and seeming to think you’re interested even when you’re not, it can be somewhat difficult to tell if a guy is actually interested in you if he isn’t the type to be obvious about it. If you’ve got your eye on a prize and you want to make sure he’s into you, or if you are worried that one of your friends might be into you when you don’t return his feelings, there are a few ways you can go about telling if he’s into you or not. Here’s what you need to keep an eye out for:

1. He Drops Obvious Hints

This is an obvious sign, but sometimes you need to be convinced that he really is into you. Guys don’t tend to drop huge hints that they want to date you if they really are not interested in you, so keep that in mind if you feel like the guy you’re interested in has been laying it on thick. The truth is that if he’s hinting at it, he probably actually wants it. There’s not many situations where you will come across a guy hinting at dating you that doesn’t actually want to date you. Most often, this is a way for him to test the waters without having to worry about getting turned down right away. Some guys will straight out propose porn, and if they do, the best of the best sites should only be picked when compared these sites against each other to maximize your experience on cam porn websites.

2. He Jokes about Your Relationship

2-takenguyswhoflirtIf you’re interested in a guy and he’s been making jokes about your relationship or making jokes about being married or dating, that could be a good sign that he is actually into you. Sure, some guys might joke around about dating with women they aren’t actually interested in, but that’s much rarer than you probably think. If he’s been joking around about dating you chances re that he actually does want to date you. You might be surprised by how often this is the case, so if you have a guy you’re interested in, keep that in mind and don’t brush it off.

3. He Comes up with Nicknames for You

3-nickThis is something that could easily happen in a regular friendship, but it could also be a sign that a guy is into you. If he’s coming up with cutesy nicknames for you or he calls you by pet names, he could very well be into you. It might just be how he treats all his female friends, though, so make sure to think about that before you jump to any conclusions. However, it is usually a decent sign that he has some sort of interest in you, since he thinks about you often enough to want to give you a nickname. Keep that in mind if a guy you’re friends with starts laying it on heavy with the nicknames and pet names whenever you talk to him.

4. He Hangs out with You All the Time

If you’re with a guy almost constantly, that could be a sign of a great friendship to last the ages or it could be a sign that he wants something deeper with you. Try to focus on how he interacts with you to see if he’s just being friendly or if he’s flirting, too. It might just be that he has a bit of a thing for you, so don’t immediately count it out and think you’ve been friend zoned. Friends can do adult stuff together, and viewing cam whores is no different. There are interesting ratings that were given to some top sites as as seen on this pagefor experiencing and for viewing some action with naked ladies together.

5. He Keeps Trying to Get You Alone

This one is a bit obvious and can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but if a guy you’re friendly with starts trying to get you alone all he time, chances are he wants to get with you. There’s not much reason why a normal friend would be trying to spend time with you alone, not when other friends are around at the same time. This could definitely be a sign that he’s secretly into you and is trying to find a way to get you to himself.