Using Roleplay to Get Closer to Your Partner

When you have been in a relationship for some time, it can start to get a little bit stale between the two of you. In fact, it can start to become downright impossible to actually find anything to do together that does not feel like you are rehashing things you have done about a million times already. There is only so much that you can do in a relationship before it starts to get repetitive and boring, which is not the sort of thing you want to realize when you are trying to start a life with someone you really care about. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make your romance more interesting and get closer with your partner in the process. One such thing is roleplaying. Roleplaying is simply exactly what it says – you and your partner each take on the role of a made up character and then play out situations between them. There are a ton of different ways that roleplaying can help bring you and your partner closer together. Here are just a few of the many ways that it can help your relationship out.


Get Closer Emotionally
Get Closer Emotionally
The very first way that roleplaying can bring you and your partner closer together is emotionally. By taking on the personas of different people, you will grow to recognize and appreciate your partner all the more, making your emotions fall in line with each other. In fact, roleplaying can help you to fall in love with someone you have been together with for a long time even more than you thought you could. It is a great way to see different aspects of your partner and allow certain parts of yourself out as well, which will only bring you together emotionally so much more than anything else you may have done before.


In much the same vein, roleplaying can bring you and your partner closer together mentally as well, mostly because it will allow you to explore different parts of each other’s mental standings and see where you fall on all sorts of different issues. While you may not be acting like yourselves while you are roleplaying, parts of yourself will still shine through and that is what your partner is going to pick up on the most. Roleplaying will give you each the free reign to prod at each others minds and see what lies deep down in there and where you both stand on different issues. Breaking character in order to talk about issues that your characters feel deeply about is a really great way to spark intelligent debates with your partner, bringing the both of you closer mentally and making it that much easier for you both to see what sort of intelligence you each have underneath your pretty faces.


Get Closer to Your Partner
Get Closer to Your Partner
Yet another way roleplaying can bring you and your partner closer together is physically. You will be able to touch each other and be in each other’s space in ways that you might never have been before. You can see what it looks like to view your partner through another’s eyes and they will see the same in you, making the attraction between you grow even more deeply. Roleplaying is a really great way to spark physical attraction to its height because it lets you see and interact with different facets of your partner, which is enticing and thrilling for everyone involved.


Reignite The Fire
Reignite The Fire
Of course, the biggest way that roleplaying can bring you and your partner closer together is sexually. There are plenty of opportunities for sexual exploration when it comes to roleplaying. For example, you can play out scenarios that neither of you would be comfortable with in an unsafe environment, but you both find very appealing in a completely consenting situation. You might even be able to see different kinks that you both have that neither of you thought the other would share. There are so many ways to grow sexually closer with your partner through roleplaying that there is literally no way to list all of the possibilities. All you need to do is take a chance and discuss things with your partner before you start your roleplaying. You will definitely appreciate the results, guaranteed.

What is Boys Love and How Can You Use it to Delight Your Girlfriend?

If you have ever dated a woman who was a large part of any television or novel fanbase, you may have heard of the term boys love at some point or another. It can be a confusing concept for people who are not involved in fan-related topics, but the basic gist of boys love is the idea of two men falling in love with each other in a very romantic sort of way. If you are easily disturbed by the idea of men loving men then you might not want to fall in love with a girl who enjoys boys love because it is something that she would adore to share with you. But if you have an open mind and the ability to do a little roleplaying and acting and discussing, then you might be interested in learning about how you can use boys love to delight your girlfriend and make her fall all the harder for you.

Man on Man Action

Roleplay Boys Love With Her
Roleplay Boys Love With Her
As stated before, boys love is the idea of man on man action in a fictional setting. A lot of girls who are avidly part of fandoms have a tendency to love homosexual couples and will even read characters that would usually be seen as completely straight as homosexual in order to facilitate this love. What you need to be able to do is come to terms with the fact that your girlfriend enjoys things like this and then take a hard look at the source material. If you can talk about the couples that she likes and give opinions on their relationship, she will love the fact that you are trying so hard to fit in with her interests.

Girls Are Just Like Guys

Just like men love to see two women making out, women also enjoy the idea of two men in a relationship as well. If you are putting forth the double standard that you can enjoy lesbians while she is not allowed to enjoy gay men then you might be putting yourself in an easy position to get dumped. But if you can realize that the two ideas are very much the same then you might be able to get her talking to you about lesbians in the same way that you would talk to her about her homosexual couples, which can really work out well for you too.

You Don’t Have to Be Gay

Even if your girlfriend enjoys the idea of two men being in love, that does not mean that she wants you to be gay or even to kiss any men for her. What she is looking for is someone who will understand the things that she likes and talk to her about them. You do not have to change your way of life in order to please her. All you have to do is look at the relationships she is interested in and then talk to her about them. Even if you do not really see what she is seeing, it will do you a lot of good to just talk about the relationships and tell her that you support her thinking about and doing the things that she loves.

Roleplaying Goes a Long Way

If you can come to terms with the idea, you might find that your girlfriend would greatly enjoying roleplaying a boys love romance with you, either through written word or just in bed. While this might mean pretending that your girlfriend is a male character, you would still be doing everything with her and she would love you for playing along with her strange kinks. It does not take much and you do not even have to imagine that she has any male parts. All you need to do is play along and it will make her so happy that she might just be willing to play along with something you want to try out sometime.

Enjoy it With Her

Enjoy Some Man On Man Action With your Girlfriend
Enjoy Some Man On Man Action With your Girlfriend
The most important thing about using your girlfriend’s love of boys love to connect with her is that all she wants is for you to accept her. If you can enjoy the things she enjoys with her, though, it will make her much happier. This is what you should be aiming for when you engage in chatting about boys love with your girlfriend. It is all about making her happy to have someone to talk to about her hobbies and interests and has nothing to do with what you think on the matter.

How to Date Someone Who is Insecure

If you’re generally an impatient person, dating an insecure person can often be very difficult. Insecure people can be extremely complex, and you may have trouble understanding where they’re coming from, or why they’re insecure in the first place. It’s important to be aware that insecure people don’t become insecure overnight. Usually, many years of abuse or humiliation causes a person to become insecure about how they look, or what type of person they are. Since it often takes years to make a person insecure, it can very well take years for them to become confident. If you really like an insecure person, and don’t want to risk losing them while waiting for them to overcome their insecurity, there are a few different things you can do to help you with successfully dating an insecure person.

Always Be Supportive

Dating An Insecure Person Can Be Hard
Dating An Insecure Person Can Be Hard
Insecure people need a great support system. This means that if you want to date someone who is insecure, it is important to be a supportive person. Insecure cannot handle people who are constantly hard on them. Even if you have their best interest in mind, you will often end up doing more harm than good. There are several different ways that you can be supportive for an insecure person. Each of these ways requires that you learn how to be both patient and understanding for the person that you are dating.

When an insecure person is struggling with their insecurity, don’t tell them that they have nothing to worry about, or that they’re overreacting. Instead, be gentle with them, and explain to them that it’s OK if they’re feeling insecure. Ask them if there is anything you can do to help them feel more comfortable, and take their responses seriously. Anxiety and insecurity is a recipe for disaster.

Don’t Put Pressure On Them

Another thing you want to avoid is putting pressure on an insecure person. If they are feeling uncomfortable or nervous about a situation and want to escape, do not try to guilt trip them into staying. It will only cause them to feel like they are a failure, and are hurting you. What you can do is try to gently reassure them. If the two of you are out on a date, and they start to get self conscious of their appearance, do something that helps to calm them down. Put your arm around their shoulder, or press a couple of kisses against their cheek. Try to coax them into giving them some more time to get comfortable. If after about ten minutes, they’re still desperate to leave, agree to go someplace else where they’ll be more comfortable.

You also definitely want to avoid putting pressure on them when it comes to sex. If they’re willing to have sex with you, but require that the lights be off, or they they aren’t completely naked, don’t try to argue for something else. However, you can offer alternatives to what they want. If they want to have sex with the lights off, and you want to do it with the lights on, suggest that you plug in a night-light, or that you use a lamp with a dim light. Just because someone is insecure doesn’t mean they won’t be willing to compromise.

Have an Endless Supply of Compliments

Compliments are arsenal when it comes to dating an insecure person. They need a lot of them, and they need them often. Understand that when an insecure person needs complimenting, it’s not because they’re conceded or narcissistic. It’s simply because they aren’t used to people giving them compliments, so each time they hear one, it helps to encourage them. Compliment them on everything, even things that they aren’t insecure about. Compliment them genuinely and often. If you do it enough, eventually they will not only start to believe you, they will share you opinion.

Dating an insecure person isn’t impossible, and if you’re patient, it’s not really difficult. While it is true that it takes a special type of person to date an insecure person, the feeling you will get when you help your partner overcome their insecurity is fantastic. They’ll become a more confident person, and they’ll definitely want to reward you for believing in them.