What is Boys Love and How Can You Use it to Delight Your Girlfriend?

If you have ever dated a woman who was a large part of any television or novel fanbase, you may have heard of the term boys love at some point or another. It can be a confusing concept for people who are not involved in fan-related topics, but the basic gist of boys love is the idea of two men falling in love with each other in a very romantic sort of way. If you are easily disturbed by the idea of men loving men then you might not want to fall in love with a girl who enjoys boys love because it is something that she would adore to share with you. But if you have an open mind and the ability to do a little roleplaying and acting and discussing, then you might be interested in learning about how you can use boys love to delight your girlfriend and make her fall all the harder for you.

Man on Man Action

Roleplay Boys Love With Her
Roleplay Boys Love With Her
As stated before, boys love is the idea of man on man action in a fictional setting. A lot of girls who are avidly part of fandoms have a tendency to love homosexual couples and will even read characters that would usually be seen as completely straight as homosexual in order to facilitate this love. What you need to be able to do is come to terms with the fact that your girlfriend enjoys things like this and then take a hard look at the source material. If you can talk about the couples that she likes and give opinions on their relationship, she will love the fact that you are trying so hard to fit in with her interests.

Girls Are Just Like Guys

Just like men love to see two women making out, women also enjoy the idea of two men in a relationship as well. If you are putting forth the double standard that you can enjoy lesbians while she is not allowed to enjoy gay men then you might be putting yourself in an easy position to get dumped. But if you can realize that the two ideas are very much the same then you might be able to get her talking to you about lesbians in the same way that you would talk to her about her homosexual couples, which can really work out well for you too.

You Don’t Have to Be Gay

Even if your girlfriend enjoys the idea of two men being in love, that does not mean that she wants you to be gay or even to kiss any men for her. What she is looking for is someone who will understand the things that she likes and talk to her about them. You do not have to change your way of life in order to please her. All you have to do is look at the relationships she is interested in and then talk to her about them. Even if you do not really see what she is seeing, it will do you a lot of good to just talk about the relationships and tell her that you support her thinking about and doing the things that she loves.

Roleplaying Goes a Long Way

If you can come to terms with the idea, you might find that your girlfriend would greatly enjoying roleplaying a boys love romance with you, either through written word or just in bed. While this might mean pretending that your girlfriend is a male character, you would still be doing everything with her and she would love you for playing along with her strange kinks. It does not take much and you do not even have to imagine that she has any male parts. All you need to do is play along and it will make her so happy that she might just be willing to play along with something you want to try out sometime.

Enjoy it With Her

Enjoy Some Man On Man Action With your Girlfriend
Enjoy Some Man On Man Action With your Girlfriend
The most important thing about using your girlfriend’s love of boys love to connect with her is that all she wants is for you to accept her. If you can enjoy the things she enjoys with her, though, it will make her much happier. This is what you should be aiming for when you engage in chatting about boys love with your girlfriend. It is all about making her happy to have someone to talk to about her hobbies and interests and has nothing to do with what you think on the matter.