The Toys That Will Spice Up Your Sex and the Ones That Won’t

Everyone wants to have hot, amazing sex, and a lot of the time, especially for women, plain old horizontal tango just isn’t going to cut it in the orgasm department. If you want to spice up the bedroom a little but, toys are a great way to go without getting too kinky with it. Here are some toys that are good for beginners, and the ones that you should probably avoid. You can also go the porn route, but you cannot trust scam websites so rely only on the best as seen here to get the absolute cream of the crop as part of your experience.


These toys will rock your world, and they’re easy to use for pretty much anyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re new to toys or an old hand, these are classics, and are fun for both people involved.

Vibrators: Foreplay and During

1-vibeBecause sex isn’t just about putting a penis into a vagina, vibrators can be a great way to warm a girl up before the ‘real’ sex gets started. Vibrators are easy to use and play with, and they’re guaranteed to get a great reaction from anyone using one. Pleasure your partner beforehand or during to get her really fired up, and then you can go for it. You can even watch her pleasure herself first and then really go for it, and prove that you are better than that battery operated boyfriend any day.

Vibrating Shaft Rings

Just stick it on a penis, press go and let the vibrations happen. These rings go on the shaft of the penis and pleasure her clit while the penis is inserted, doubling the pleasure. They are simple and straightforward to use, and can really make your sex exciting, especially when you get the thrust rhythm down with those vibrations really going.

Massage Oils and Lube

3-Massage_Oil_p_39Oh yes. While not actually toys, things like oils and lube feel awesome, whether it’s on your body or on your genitals. Once again, sex isn’t just about inserting your penis into her vagina, it’s about pleasure. Use your hands to pleasure her on the inside, warm her up beforehand. Your sex will be crazy good afterwards.


These toys are just not going to cut it for a variety of reasons, either dangerous for those involved or just awkward to use for couples. Here are a few toys to just avoid, especially if you are new to the game of augmenting your sexual experience.

Metal Cock Rings

2-927726065939878211Do not put a metal ring around a penis that is expending, period. They don’t have enough give and could really end up damaging the penis if used incorrectly or if the size is just a bit off. So save your junk and avoid the use of metal cock rings, because they are quite dangerous.

Non-Vibrating Dildos

While things like beads and other non-vibrating tools can be used to great effect, they can be tricky for first time users. Instead of fumbling around with something that may or may not work, just hedge your bets and go with a simple vibrator. Once you get more practice, feel free to start advancing to the more complicated toys.

Makeshift Toys

NEVER use any toy that is not specifically designed for sex. It is unsanitary, unsafe and can get you into places that you would rather not be. Make sure that any toy you use is clean and safe for you both to use, and avoid horrible infections or injuries that could result from using a dangerous toy.


If something feels uncomfortable for you when you start to or think about using it, you should stop immediately. Don’t push yourself into using anything you aren’t ready for, and don’t torture your body with something that is difficult for you to use. Just keep calm and have fun with it, no pressure. It’s about pleasure, and being nervous or uncomfortable will not make it any better for you. So have fun, be safe, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

5 Signs a Guy Is Secretly into You

1-hookupsIt’s somewhat difficult to navigate the dating and hookup scene when you’re a woman. First of all, you have to worry about all the guys approaching you that you have next to no interest in actually dating. It’s difficult to let guys down easily, and it can become a huge pain to do so. However, it’s often just as difficult to be able to tell when a guy YOU’RE interested in is actually interested in you, as well. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell when guys are into you, period, whether you want them to be or not. With guys flirting with you all the time and seeming to think you’re interested even when you’re not, it can be somewhat difficult to tell if a guy is actually interested in you if he isn’t the type to be obvious about it. If you’ve got your eye on a prize and you want to make sure he’s into you, or if you are worried that one of your friends might be into you when you don’t return his feelings, there are a few ways you can go about telling if he’s into you or not. Here’s what you need to keep an eye out for:

1. He Drops Obvious Hints

This is an obvious sign, but sometimes you need to be convinced that he really is into you. Guys don’t tend to drop huge hints that they want to date you if they really are not interested in you, so keep that in mind if you feel like the guy you’re interested in has been laying it on thick. The truth is that if he’s hinting at it, he probably actually wants it. There’s not many situations where you will come across a guy hinting at dating you that doesn’t actually want to date you. Most often, this is a way for him to test the waters without having to worry about getting turned down right away. Some guys will straight out propose porn, and if they do, the best of the best sites should only be picked when compared these sites against each other to maximize your experience on cam porn websites.

2. He Jokes about Your Relationship

2-takenguyswhoflirtIf you’re interested in a guy and he’s been making jokes about your relationship or making jokes about being married or dating, that could be a good sign that he is actually into you. Sure, some guys might joke around about dating with women they aren’t actually interested in, but that’s much rarer than you probably think. If he’s been joking around about dating you chances re that he actually does want to date you. You might be surprised by how often this is the case, so if you have a guy you’re interested in, keep that in mind and don’t brush it off.

3. He Comes up with Nicknames for You

3-nickThis is something that could easily happen in a regular friendship, but it could also be a sign that a guy is into you. If he’s coming up with cutesy nicknames for you or he calls you by pet names, he could very well be into you. It might just be how he treats all his female friends, though, so make sure to think about that before you jump to any conclusions. However, it is usually a decent sign that he has some sort of interest in you, since he thinks about you often enough to want to give you a nickname. Keep that in mind if a guy you’re friends with starts laying it on heavy with the nicknames and pet names whenever you talk to him.

4. He Hangs out with You All the Time

If you’re with a guy almost constantly, that could be a sign of a great friendship to last the ages or it could be a sign that he wants something deeper with you. Try to focus on how he interacts with you to see if he’s just being friendly or if he’s flirting, too. It might just be that he has a bit of a thing for you, so don’t immediately count it out and think you’ve been friend zoned. Friends can do adult stuff together, and viewing cam whores is no different. There are interesting ratings that were given to some top sites as as seen on this pagefor experiencing and for viewing some action with naked ladies together.

5. He Keeps Trying to Get You Alone

This one is a bit obvious and can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but if a guy you’re friendly with starts trying to get you alone all he time, chances are he wants to get with you. There’s not much reason why a normal friend would be trying to spend time with you alone, not when other friends are around at the same time. This could definitely be a sign that he’s secretly into you and is trying to find a way to get you to himself.

Using Roleplay to Get Closer to Your Partner

When you have been in a relationship for some time, it can start to get a little bit stale between the two of you. In fact, it can start to become downright impossible to actually find anything to do together that does not feel like you are rehashing things you have done about a million times already. There is only so much that you can do in a relationship before it starts to get repetitive and boring, which is not the sort of thing you want to realize when you are trying to start a life with someone you really care about. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make your romance more interesting and get closer with your partner in the process. One such thing is roleplaying. Roleplaying is simply exactly what it says – you and your partner each take on the role of a made up character and then play out situations between them. There are a ton of different ways that roleplaying can help bring you and your partner closer together. Here are just a few of the many ways that it can help your relationship out.


Get Closer Emotionally
Get Closer Emotionally
The very first way that roleplaying can bring you and your partner closer together is emotionally. By taking on the personas of different people, you will grow to recognize and appreciate your partner all the more, making your emotions fall in line with each other. In fact, roleplaying can help you to fall in love with someone you have been together with for a long time even more than you thought you could. It is a great way to see different aspects of your partner and allow certain parts of yourself out as well, which will only bring you together emotionally so much more than anything else you may have done before.


In much the same vein, roleplaying can bring you and your partner closer together mentally as well, mostly because it will allow you to explore different parts of each other’s mental standings and see where you fall on all sorts of different issues. While you may not be acting like yourselves while you are roleplaying, parts of yourself will still shine through and that is what your partner is going to pick up on the most. Roleplaying will give you each the free reign to prod at each others minds and see what lies deep down in there and where you both stand on different issues. Breaking character in order to talk about issues that your characters feel deeply about is a really great way to spark intelligent debates with your partner, bringing the both of you closer mentally and making it that much easier for you both to see what sort of intelligence you each have underneath your pretty faces.


Get Closer to Your Partner
Get Closer to Your Partner
Yet another way roleplaying can bring you and your partner closer together is physically. You will be able to touch each other and be in each other’s space in ways that you might never have been before. You can see what it looks like to view your partner through another’s eyes and they will see the same in you, making the attraction between you grow even more deeply. Roleplaying is a really great way to spark physical attraction to its height because it lets you see and interact with different facets of your partner, which is enticing and thrilling for everyone involved.


Reignite The Fire
Reignite The Fire
Of course, the biggest way that roleplaying can bring you and your partner closer together is sexually. There are plenty of opportunities for sexual exploration when it comes to roleplaying. For example, you can play out scenarios that neither of you would be comfortable with in an unsafe environment, but you both find very appealing in a completely consenting situation. You might even be able to see different kinks that you both have that neither of you thought the other would share. There are so many ways to grow sexually closer with your partner through roleplaying that there is literally no way to list all of the possibilities. All you need to do is take a chance and discuss things with your partner before you start your roleplaying. You will definitely appreciate the results, guaranteed.

Can an Indie Office Environment Become Too Quirky?

Having an independent small business can be a great way to get things done without conforming to old traditions. If you have an indie company, chances are that you’re trying to establish that same quirky feel in your office environment. This is part of what makes indie companies so great, and it can really be a cornerstone of your company. You might think that the quirky environment is something that your company cannot live without. It may start bleeding into every aspect of your company and affect all the decisions that you make. While we understand that the quirky feel of indie company’s is part of what makes them so special, we have to ask – does the quirky environment within an indie company sometimes go too far? You might find yourself offended by the very idea, but you need to think about this carefully so that your business or company can truly succeed. If you have an indie company and you’re worried that this may describe your environment, don’t fret. We’re here to tell you all about everything you need to know.

What Do We Mean by Quirky?

Going Too Far Will Start To Affect Productivity
Going Too Far Will Start To Affect Productivity
When we say quirky, you might find yourself scratching your head and wondering exactly what we mean by that. If you own an indie company, you might fall under the category of being a little bit quirky and off the wall. We’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with this, but it may start to affect various aspects of the company. If you go out of your way to make sure that your office has shag carpet in order to replicate a retro feel, you may be the owner of a quirky office. Now, we’re not saying that there’s anything wrong with this, but the fact is that sometimes this can go too far and start to affect productivity.

Are You Able to Get Any Work Done?

One thing you need to ask yourself about your quirky work environment is if anyone is able to get any work done. If you’re all too busy relaxing and enjoying the ball pit instead of working, chances are that your environment is a little too quirky to be sustainable. The ball pit may be a good idea, but it may not be something that your company really needs in order to succeed. You need to keep this in mind when you are running an indie company. It may be tempting to fall into the quirky loop, but often times it is not going to be a good idea for you to go too far. There’s a limit everything, and you don’t want to be the one that crosses it.

Are Your Employees Too Relaxed?

It’s important to have employees that are relaxed and comfortable so that they can have enough energy to get work done. However, your employees can actually start to get too relaxed if you’re not careful. If you make it possible for them to hop off to the break room at any time and partake in a chocolate fountain, chances are that they’re getting a little too relaxed. You really need to be careful about this, even though we’re sure you paid a lot for that chocolate fountain. Keep on top of things so that people don’t get too relaxed when they’re supposed to be working. It just won’t foster a good work environment.

Healthy Alternatives to Fast Food

Getting fast food constantly is easy – it’s fast, it’s cheap, and you can get it on the way to or from work. So many people rely on fast food that it’s no wonder obesity is becoming a bigger and bigger problem. That being said, you don’t need to be a slave to fast food culture. You can eat just as good food, for just as cheap, without having to sacrifice your body and your health by doing it. These alternatives are perfect for anyone who has a busy lifestyle but still wants to be able to eat like they would on fast food.

Pack Snacks

Pack Yourself A Healthy Snack
Pack Yourself A Healthy Snack
Keeping a few snacks in your bag or your car for when you get hungry is always a good option, so that way you don’t cave and end up in the drive thru. Whether you just want plain veggies or something a little more adventurous is up to you. Hand-made trail mix is always a good option for people who want to eat a lot for a little bit of money while still keeping fit. Just put in some granola, raisins, and a few nuts with semi-sweet chocolate chips. This snack is as filling as it is delicious, and you can make it sweet or savory depending on what you feel in the mood for.

Bento Boxes

Try Bento Boxes
Try Bento Boxes
Bento boxes are a popular lunch item for children in Japan, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t eat them too. In fact, they’re becoming increasingly popular in the west, and there are countless ways to enjoy them. On top of that, these handy little boxes help you portion your food so that you can avoid overeating while still feeling like you have a good meal in front of you. Their portability and shelf stability makes this meal something you can grab and go before you leave home, so you don’t have to stop by a restaurant on your way. Just take half an hour to pack it up before you go to bed, and you’re good to go in the morning. You can pack sandwiches, vegetables, fruit, rice, noodles – it’s whatever you feel like. There are several bento recipes online that you can find for free, too, so check them out.

Vegetarian Options

On top of cutting out fast food, sometimes you can keep from craving it by throwing some more veggies into your diet. The crunch helps a lot of people feel like they’re eating the same satisfying fast food they’ve grown accustomed to, while being able to eat more for fewer calories. Kale chips are always a great option, because they can be seasoned a variety of different ways and cost very little to make. Veggie sticks are always good, too, and can be combined with peanut butter or hummus to make them more savory and less plain. There are several options for vegetables, as they’re very versatile. Try them out in different recipes, and see which ones work for you. You won’t miss fast food if you can keep some of these on your hands at all times to tide you over.