4 Foods That Aren’t as Healthy as You Think

Everyone wants to eat “right”. Unfortunately, what “right” is can change day by day. If you’re looking to fill up on good, healthy foods that are going to make you feel like a champion and improve your performance at the gym you need to be on top of your diet. You can’t outrun your knife and fork, as the saying goes. Unfortunately, even people who are trying to be healthy in their eating habits can get suckered into making the wrong choices. If you’ve been chowing down on any of these four foods, back up and try again.


Oatmeal Is Not As Healthy As You Think
Oatmeal Is Not As Healthy As You Think
People love to eat oatmeal, and it’s supposed to be a favorite of young and old alike. However, if you’re the type to enjoy the flavored oatmeal, ranging from maple and brown sugar all the way to peaches and cream, there’s some bad news for you: the sweeteners and things that you load up on as part of the oatmeal experience could be wrecking this healthy breakfast for you. Plain oatmeal isn’t terrible for you, but there are other ways for you to get the carbs that come from this common breakfast in a package that doesn’t invite over sweetness and a blood sugar crash to start your day.


Yogurt is believed by many to be the best thing you can keep your guts. After all, the bacteria in the yogurt go to work cleaning out your instines and making sure that everything functions smoothly together. Unfortunately, yogurt always falls into the trap of being sweetened to death when it’s made commercially. There are so many ways to use a good, plain, unsweetened yogurt that people don’t really know about because they don’t really know about other kinds of yogurt.

Cottage Cheese

This lumpy kind of cheese is the obvious diet food, but these chopped up curds shouldn’t be making their way onto your plate just yet. Before you put that bite in your mouth you should read up on the process by which whey is bleached, processed, and repackaged to be sold off to you one bite at a time. Cottage cheese is a poor substitute for any kind of dipping sauce, and there’s not much that you can do to cook with it in order to make it palatable. This is a food that, while low in calories, is also low in nutritional value. There are a lot of other things that you could do to get that same boost of calcium and good fats from the dairy.


Avocados Contain A Lot of Fat
Avocados Contain A Lot of Fat
Did you know that the avocado is the only fruit that contains fat? This is true, and while the avocado has a host of health benefits it alone has been contributing to weight gain in the subset of people who are lucky enough to have an avocado free on their property. These delicious fruits are deceitfully. Typically, it’s rude to return something that you’ve already been given to eat, but when possible you should let people know that you’re not.